Govind Chauhan

Irene IVF Center is like a boon for childless couples like us. We were always a happily married couple and when my first pregnancy got terminated due to an accident , the doctor told us that the probability of my getting pregnant again are negligible. The nightmare came true and despite colleague in the office suggested me to visit Dr. Indira Ganeshan once. I went to the doctor and she told me that the chances of me getting pregnant the treatment were 60-40 as my case was a complicate one. But it was a positive thing for my husband and I. We started with the treatment,it took us quite long but finally the day came when the doctor told us, Congratulations ! But you will have to be very careful during the entire pregnancy period . Now , I have a healthy baby boy and it all got possible because of Dr. Indira Ganeshan. I really can’t thank her enough for what she has done to us.