IVF: A Ray of Hope

“In times when one is surrounded by misery and pain, a ray of hope is all that one needs to overcome it all and that ray of hope for a childless couple is In Vito Fertilization (IVF)“, says Dr. Indira Ganeshan, one of the top IVF doctor in Delhi. The renowned doctor further adds,  “IVF is one of the most efficient and effective way for an infertile couple to have a child and for the past 37 years or so, it has been acting like a miracle in the lives of childless married couples, by opening the doors of parenthood for them.”

Being one-of-a-kind process, IVF requires utmost care and attention from the doctor and thereby an experienced doctor, like Dr. Indira Ganeshan is suggested. Dr. Indira says, “Since, high level of complexity is involved in IVF its best to opt for an experienced doctor in the field. From the very initial stage of manually combing the egg and the sperm, to the delicate step of transferring the embryo into the uterus, each and every step requires a plethora of patience and focus.”  For such supreme level of dedication towards her patients, Dr. Indira Ganeshan is considered among the best IVF doctor in Delhi. The world-class doctor says, “I believe that it’s very crucial to be present with my patients emotionally and physically, as a life changing event is about to knock at their door. Thereby, I ensure that not only me but my team as well is actively present to help them out in any way possible.”

Dr. Indira Ganeshan further talks about IVF in India. She says, ” In a country like ours, where an infertile couple is regarded with stigma from the society, IVF is comes as a savoir to many couples. Although, it took a lot of time for IVF and Surrogacy to be recognized in India, it is now accepted and highly encouraged among the society.” Dr. Ganeshan further adds, “I do feel, however, that the importance of IVF and Surrogacy is still not known to a vast number of Indians.” And, she wishes for it to change soon, for the better.

IVF and Surrogacy are acquiring the much needed attention and acceptance around the world for its wonderful results. For an infertile couple and their families, it is undoubtedly a shiny, bright ray of hope. Dr. Indira Ganeshan, an IVF and fertility specialist suggests to an infertile couple to not think twice before consulting a good IVF and fertility specialist as she assures that IVF is one of the safest methods. Not just this, IVF is known world-wide for its high expectancy ratio, thereby, giving another remarkable reason for a childless couple to opt for IVF and surrogacy.

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