Top Reasons One Should Not Delay Infertility Treatment


Infertility treatment is not a simple decision, and it’s one that many people delay for a variety of reasons. There are also many myths about infertility treatment that can play a role in delaying it too. However, as an infertility specialist who has seen clients struggle with the decision to start treatment or not, I want to offer some insight into why you should not delay starting treatment if you are infertile.

The time is right

  • The time is right when you are ready.
  • The time is right when you have the financial and emotional support.
  • The time is right when you have found a partner with whom to start a family.
  • The time is right when you are ready to take the next step in your fertility journey, whether that means taking more comprehensive tests or starting treatment options like IVF or IUI.

Emotionally ready

  • Emotional readiness is one of the most important factors in successful treatment. Before starting any fertility treatment, you should be emotionally ready for the process. This means that both partners should feel ready to accept whatever happens during the course of treatment.
  • Emotional readiness is a personal decision and it’s not always linked with being able to have children. Many couples who are unable to conceive are still very much ready for parenthood, even if they don’t become pregnant right away or at all.

Pressure to have a baby

There is a lot of pressure to start a family and having children is a priority for many couples. Unfortunately, this can be one of the main reasons couples delay infertility treatment because they are afraid to face the truth that they cannot have children. If you feel pressured by friends or family members to have a baby, it might mean that there’s an underlying issue at hand and you should seek help from a professional. It can be difficult to know when it’s time for infertility treatment as there are many factors involved including age, relationship status and personal preferences.

The individual may also fear what others will think about them if they don’t get pregnant quickly enough after starting their lives together as husband and wife (or boyfriend/girlfriend). There is no such thing as being “too old” when it comes assisted reproductive technology so there really isn’t anything wrong with seeking out these services at any age if needed!

Body changes

With age, women’s reproductive systems begin to change. This is due to the effects of stress and diet as well as exercise and other factors. As your body changes, so does your fertility and chances of conception:

  • Stress can affect your menstrual cycle. Stress can cause irregular periods or even stop them altogether by reducing the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body. LH is responsible for ovulation, so if you’re stressed out, it might be hard to get pregnant since it can prevent ovulation from occurring when you want it too!
  • Poor nutrition will make it harder for both men and women to conceive. Eating healthy foods such as fruits rich in antioxidants (like berries), vegetables with lots of fiber like broccoli or carrots, whole grains like oats instead of processed foods will give you more energy throughout each day which will help keep stress levels down as well! This also helps control blood sugar levels which also affects our hormones so try eating small meals throughout day instead one big meal at night before bedtime 🙂
  • Exercise has been shown time again how beneficial it is physically but there are many other benefits such as improving overall moods; releases endorphins therefor increasing positive feelings towards life itself 🙂 Some studies have shown an increase up 60% chance when exercising regularly compared those who don’t exercise at all!! This may not mean much right now since we’re still young but think about how much longer we could live healthier lives due these lifestyle choices now while raising families later..and then maybe even after retirement?

Professional reasons

  • If you are an athlete or a dancer, your performance demands may require earlier treatment than would normally be recommended.
  • If you are in a field where you work under pressure and deadlines, such as law or medicine, the stress of having infertility needs to be taken into account when making the decision on how soon to start treatment.

Financial support

You may need to pay for your fertility treatment out of pocket, but there are a number of options for you to consider. For example:

  • Your health insurance plan may cover some or all of the cost of fertility treatments. Check with your provider to see if they offer coverage and what it covers.
  • Some employers offer financial benefits such as adoption reimbursement or fertility treatment coverage through their employee benefits package. Contact your human resources department to inquire if they have any programs that could help you with the costs associated with undergoing assisted reproduction procedures like in vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • Most IVF clinics offer payment plans and/or financing options so that you can spread out payments over time if needed. Check with your clinic about these programs before starting treatment so that they can guide you through the process.

The sooner you start, the better!

The sooner you start, the better! If a woman is diagnosed with infertility and doesn’t address it right away, it can be very difficult to get pregnant in the future. The more time passes without treatment, the harder it will be for her to become pregnant on her own. She may also have more difficulty carrying a baby full term or having a healthy child at birth.

If you are struggling with infertility and have been told that your body could benefit from medical assistance, then we encourage you to begin treatment as soon as possible. We offer several options here at our suburban Chicago clinic:


Infertility treatment is a great way to start a family, but it can be expensive and time consuming. In addition, many people worry about how infertility will impact their relationships or careers. However, delaying treatment can lead to more stress, higher costs down the road, and problems with conceiving later on in life because of age-related concerns. It’s important for all couples trying to conceive to seek out the help they need as soon as possible so that they can get pregnant faster!

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